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Technical Information. Test

Absorption and specific weight
(IT UNITES 22-172-85 in granites and 22-182-85 in marbles and limestones). Coefficient of water absorption is the water percentage absorbed in relation to the weight of the test tube in dry. The test takes place on at least three cubical test tubes of 7 cm of side that dry up to 110ºC, they are weighed in dry and next they submerge in water 20ºC obtaining the weight of the sample submerged in water.
Micro-hardness Knoop
(IT UNITES 22-178-85 in granites and 22-188-85 in marbles and limestones). A drilling of diamond is applied that affects several points of the sample with certain pressure and it settles down the relation between this load and the lazy track. 4 samples of 12 xs are used 5 xs 1 cm and 20 determinations take place, with load of 100g. The result of the test is the average Arithmetic of the 20 determinations.
Elastic module
(IT UNITES 22-177-85 in granites and 22-187-85 in marbles and limestones). It is the relation between the load and the unitary deformation within the elastic period. Diameter cm of and 10 cm of height are put under 4 cylindrical test tubes of 5 increasing compression until breakage (two in perpendicular sense to sawn and the two parallel bars). The corresponding loads of vertical deformations are moderate at intervals, expressed in MPa.
Compressive strength
(UNITES 22-175-85 in granites, 22-185-85 in marbles and limestones and 22-194-85 in slates). The propose is to know the fully factored load by surface unit that is able to support a test tube until the breakage takes place. After submerging six cubical test tubes of 7 cm of water edge to 20ºC during 48 hours, it is put under them increasing and centered loads until are broken, having three test tubes in perpendicular sense to the direction sawed and the other three parallel bars. The result is obtained from the averages of the three test tubes and are expressed in MPa.
Flexural strength
(IT UNITES 22-176-85 in granites and 22-186-85 in marbles and limestones). It consists of knowing the fully factored load that can support a test tube sustained by the ends until it is broken. 6 test tubes of 30 xs are used 4 xs 2.5 cm that submerge in water to 20ºC during 48 hours, next 20 cm are placed on two separated cylindrical supports and are put under two separated cylinders at a distance of 10 cm, to increasing loads until they break. In 3 test tubes the parallel efforts are placed to the sawn direction and in the other three take place in perpendiculars. The results are obtained from the measures of the three test tubes and they are expressed in MPa.
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