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Technical Information. Finishes

Flamed Surface with certain relief, rough, with some scratch, that it provides a rustic aspect to the granite, although without appreciable change of color nor presence of spots or rest that denote the treatment. It also obtaine an increase in the stability of the face to atmospheric chemical alteration.
Cobbed irregular Relief. Quite flat piece although not as much as in other finished. If the cobbed surface obeys to the mineral presence, the surface has a characteristic brightness and if it corresponds with a foliation the plane is something fibrous. The sandstone quartzites offer flat surfaces with some step.
Natural cut
Natural cut natural Appearance. The relief is more accentuated, irregular and rough that in the case of stones flatted, appearing protuberances and entrants of several millimeters that define a more or less flat surface. It is the method used in paving stones and other pieces destined to the rise of walls.
Polished a smooth surface, flat and shining, without no type of ray or visible scratch. This procedure, besides to provide specific aesthetic characteristics, contributes to leave a porosity closed and make the material more resistance to external aggressions. The polished emphasizes specially the aspect of the rock, being observed clearly its texture and colors. The tone that is obtained is darker than the obtained one with other superficial treatments.
Scraped the surface of the face it is totally flat, smooth and have a very natural and uniform aspect, without no relief nor ray. It is the most smoothness that admit sandstone, little cemented. These rocks usually are commercialized o this finish.
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