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Technical Information. Finishes

Bushhammered the treated surface presents small craters of 1-3 mm of depth, uniformly distributed, that clarify the general tone of the rock. The size and density of the craters depend, in addition to the used force and the number of impacts, of the type of used hammer: heavy, average or fine.
Pitch-faced finish
Pitch-faced finish extended Notches or incisions that provide a stone with very rustic aspect, something coarse. These incisions usually follow parallel directions. The form of the notches is an isosceles triangle of very large equal sides. The deepest incision is placed in the end of less development side. The obtained tone is clearer in the notches.
Honed flat surfaces, smooth, matt and without no visible mark. The obtained tone is darker than with other completions except the the polished one. Also, the texture and the colours are very emphasized. Usually it is used in stones that do not admit polished for no having the necessary degree of crystallization, like many limestones.
Cut face
Cut face Marks of furrows and undulations in curved and concentric directions. Totally flat and smooth cut face although something rough. Its use is restricted to pieces of urban furniture, slab of open spaces and similar works.
Antique /Escafilado
Antique /Escafilado natural and rustic appearance, with certain roughs, furrows and protuberances that emphasize the original relief and smooth angles and projections. It presents an appearance very similar to the cut faced or natural cuts, although with greater relief. It is a very appropriate finishing for rural construction, chimneys or urban spaces.
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